My Abode @ Adobe

June 26, 2007

This blog and its contents are the personal observations and opinions of the author. They do not represent the views of Adobe or anything/anyone remotely related to the company except me ;)!

My office @ adobe

My first intern day here and was amazed at the fact the I have my own office space here at Silicon valley, and that too so close to the downtown where office space seems to be so scarce. I promised myself that very day that I would take snaps, post it on the blog and sing eulogies on Adobe. I love working here, especially the free photo shop and other creative tools that come in so handy! The experience so far has been good, with me not budging one inch out away from my office space, cafeteria and the kitchen {which has loads of free stuff}. I have been driving to office daily taking the freeway driving at 75 miles per hr, still following the decision to not take work home, watching scrubs for the umpteenth time.. I so look forward to laughing at the people who told me that corporate life sucks.. its all trash, trust me its fun if you are at the right place.. okie.. 6 ‘O clock and I don’t have to work anymore.. so me leaving and yeah, adobe owns this piece of trash that I have written and the pic as well, thats why the logo!

P.S : Thanks ani for the fuji finepix .. am loving it! πŸ˜€

@ Any HR from adobe reading this : Adobe is one of the best companies to work for !!! I am looking for a convert.. Hire me.. Hire me


My Optimus Prime

June 17, 2007
My Honda Civic

Touch wood πŸ™‚


Gmail blocked

May 29, 2007

I have no idea and all of a sudden, my gmail seems to have got blocked. I was just chatting with jags n rama and voila, I get this message…

Heres the screenshot.


Anyone has any idea about this? πŸ™‚ Darn Google!

Edit : After a lil google search, looks like gmail has done the same to some users before also. First time I’ve heard it happen to someone I know (me, sigh sigh) though! Have filled this form n am waiting.

Edit2 : Yeppp, it is working now


./kick mythalez

May 26, 2007

It seems its not possible to embed flash onto wordpress as long as I am on their server or something.. Darnnn I shud migrate to my own web server sometime… Now I’m frustrated.. I think I’ll have some fun kicking mythalez. Click on this link and go ballistic.. I’ve kicked his ass 113946 meters till now. Post your high scores here


P.S : Just fun nothing else! πŸ˜‰



May 20, 2007

I know its a really really random title and so is this post going to be. I was just browsing arnd, with no particular intent whatsoever, came across this psyops and this thought why not just write some random thoughts. There seem to be more and more people blogging nowadays. Maybe smr can someday have a digg kinda thing on the blogroll as well, so that I dont have to sift through all the blogs before I find the good ones ! Digg is one really cooll site which I seem to be having a look at pretty much daily. Well, actually gmail and digg are kinda regulars in my browser, which makes me wonder what the usual sites that people look at are, I mean on a 20-30 visits a day basis. Tht should be an interesting survey. I guess it would already have been done. I sometimes wish I wasnt sitting before my stupid comp and traveling around. Journalist types, yeah kinda a travel one. Well, Europe would probably be my first destination. Heard that its beautiful.

Me again! :D

Makes me wonder how u always want things u dont have or havent experienced before. I guess thats human nature to think like that. Which reminds me, my to-do list is so long now that it dreads me to even have a look at it. Well, I guess I just have break it down and wrap it up one step at a time.. I somehow seem to miss IIIT every time I read a nice blog on the school, which again brings me back to where I started. Well, must go on a different thought path. I saw Shrek 3 yesterday. Somehow, I seem to watching movies on the first day itself even here as well. Still rmr going to watch a movie on the day before my Pattern Recognition end terms. My research is going on okay and I have finally decided kinda what I wud be working on at Adobe. I should start seriously looking for a house and car. I rented a pontiac today, drove arnd SC for sometime and am waiting now for ani to send me the pics so that I can upload them.. {Edit: Just did that} Lifes good, no qualms whatsoever. Any-who I guess I am done ranting for today.. Might blog on something serious next time.. naah, whom am I kiddding πŸ˜‰ .. I just seem to love Gangster songs, especially Tuhi meri shabh hai.. Adios.


P.S : I just realised that I kinda have been writing blog posts only on weekends of late!!


Tag Post!

May 13, 2007

Tagged long long back. Was in a really busy πŸ˜› phase of life then and I’m probably spending the first Sunday in ages at home, watching episode 422 of scrubs {an amazing one} and then had this sudden thought of wrapping this long time entry in my to-do list off now !

1. A living person I would like to meet – Blondie , at least 5’7″, fair complexion, German, Scottish or Irish background a bonus. Must be young, artistic and financially stable and looking for a fling. Of course, must dig me !! Serious things apart, I would love to meet Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Melissa Joan Hart et. al. Actually anyone on the current ‘Maxim’ Top 100 Hot list would do, which reminds me.. Eva Longoria. For those who have already started judging me, Stephen Hawking, I juss admire him for everything he has done inspite of all tough times !

2. A dead person I would like to meet – Wouldn’t want to meet anyone dead. Am scared of Ghosts and all you see. If someone is going to be brought back to life, Marilyn Monroe it is. Princess Leia too, if she is anything close to Carrie Fisher and of course, the all time beauty queen, my grandmom (miss you 😦 ..). Well, when it comes to hot babes its never enough and I dont care much about others (to be read as politicians, philosophers, writers and the usual blah blah) alive itself..

3. An event in the history I would like to change – Change my choice of being Stupendous man to Spaceman Spiff. I would love getting zapped, shot down, and being captured by ferocious and disgusting aliens for a change. Winning moral victories kinda tends to become quotidian o’er time. I would like the moon-landing to take place around 100 years earlier so that they would have made space travel much more accessible and cheaper now. Yeah, I am sky-diving someday for sure.

4. An event in the history I would like to witness – Scrubs, Episode 106, My Bad in JD’s shoes.

J.D.: Stick to the truth and you can’t get hurt, that’s my philosophy.
Dr. Cox: You didn’t sleep with her did ya?
J.D.: God, no!
J.D.’s Narration: Philosophy is tricky.

Indeed it is πŸ™‚

5. A movie I would like to witness without being a part of – Saving Private Ryan, especially the initial 20 mins. There is no way I would want to be a part of that except if they are going to give me a fighter plane or something, loaded with nukes that I can fire from way way away from that gore.

6. A literary character I would like to meet – Cinderella, Princess Fiona. A dance with my Cinderella makes my day, yeah yeah an 8 dance or whtever it is !! And yeah how can I forget Cecilia from phdcomics !!!!!

People I tag, DB (Go for it full swing, full volume), Amyn (Chapter 7 of your thesis), PChat (More topics to rant on), DJ (Dude, in case you still dont rmr your passwd, just go for a new blog), Navya et al( for the amazing orkut profile types one), Laks (Yeah, yeah someone wanted to start blogging), Mythalez (I think you hate tag posts, but you just have to write this) and Ani (Time to write something about the real monkey, you :D).

You are supposed to write on these stuff in your blogs and drop a comment as soon as thats done !!


Spiderman 3 – Review

May 6, 2007

[How long can any man fight the darkness… before he finds it in himself?]

The tag line says it all. Spiderman is all happy and leads a perfect life, a life watching the stars with Mary Jane, topping the class and so on. Then, enter Topher Grace, {You might rmr the cute next-door boy in Thats 70s Show who gets picked on and bullyed by everyone}. He ends up spoiling the balance that spidy had struck. Now, enter Venom, New Goblin and Sandman, we have a movie which has more villians. much more than we can chew.

All in all, Spiderman 3 is a decent movie, a little different from the previous two. A bad ass superhero, subtle one-liners, James Franco and Topher Grace end up as the saving grace. Kristen Dunst is as usual there just for the beauty part, more or less for the run-of-the-mill romantic moments with Topher?? [:D] Naah πŸ˜‰ Who cares, she kinda is the Jackie of Thats 70s Show .. The CG part especially the Sandman part is decent, while the rest of the CG is too much clutter with too many things happening at the same time. The story-line goes haywire in the middle, with Venom’s introduction and powers not described clearly, probably due to lack of time. One of the perils of having too many villains, resulting in improper character establishment.

However, given the craze and the 300 million $ that has been spent on the movie and the fact that in Santa Cruz Regal, it had 11 shows on the first day, I’m pretty sure that Sony would earn back what they invested. However, its not like everyone can pull a Terminator, both ways. Dont over-expect .. Just go there for some fun !!!