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The pic tht says it all ;) !

July 22, 2007

Tag Post!

May 13, 2007

Tagged long long back. Was in a really busy πŸ˜› phase of life then and I’m probably spending the first Sunday in ages at home, watching episode 422 of scrubs {an amazing one} and then had this sudden thought of wrapping this long time entry in my to-do list off now !

1. A living person I would like to meet – Blondie , at least 5’7″, fair complexion, German, Scottish or Irish background a bonus. Must be young, artistic and financially stable and looking for a fling. Of course, must dig me !! Serious things apart, I would love to meet Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Melissa Joan Hart et. al. Actually anyone on the current ‘Maxim’ Top 100 Hot list would do, which reminds me.. Eva Longoria. For those who have already started judging me, Stephen Hawking, I juss admire him for everything he has done inspite of all tough times !

2. A dead person I would like to meet – Wouldn’t want to meet anyone dead. Am scared of Ghosts and all you see. If someone is going to be brought back to life, Marilyn Monroe it is. Princess Leia too, if she is anything close to Carrie Fisher and of course, the all time beauty queen, my grandmom (miss you 😦 ..). Well, when it comes to hot babes its never enough and I dont care much about others (to be read as politicians, philosophers, writers and the usual blah blah) alive itself..

3. An event in the history I would like to change – Change my choice of being Stupendous man to Spaceman Spiff. I would love getting zapped, shot down, and being captured by ferocious and disgusting aliens for a change. Winning moral victories kinda tends to become quotidian o’er time. I would like the moon-landing to take place around 100 years earlier so that they would have made space travel much more accessible and cheaper now. Yeah, I am sky-diving someday for sure.

4. An event in the history I would like to witness – Scrubs, Episode 106, My Bad in JD’s shoes.

J.D.: Stick to the truth and you can’t get hurt, that’s my philosophy.
Dr. Cox: You didn’t sleep with her did ya?
J.D.: God, no!
J.D.’s Narration: Philosophy is tricky.

Indeed it is πŸ™‚

5. A movie I would like to witness without being a part of – Saving Private Ryan, especially the initial 20 mins. There is no way I would want to be a part of that except if they are going to give me a fighter plane or something, loaded with nukes that I can fire from way way away from that gore.

6. A literary character I would like to meet – Cinderella, Princess Fiona. A dance with my Cinderella makes my day, yeah yeah an 8 dance or whtever it is !! And yeah how can I forget Cecilia from phdcomics !!!!!

People I tag, DB (Go for it full swing, full volume), Amyn (Chapter 7 of your thesis), PChat (More topics to rant on), DJ (Dude, in case you still dont rmr your passwd, just go for a new blog), Navya et al( for the amazing orkut profile types one), Laks (Yeah, yeah someone wanted to start blogging), Mythalez (I think you hate tag posts, but you just have to write this) and Ani (Time to write something about the real monkey, you :D).

You are supposed to write on these stuff in your blogs and drop a comment as soon as thats done !!


Increasing Google Page Rank

April 22, 2007

First, let me answer the why part. Now, lets imagine you own a website that sells acoustic guitars. If your site is the first site that is generated by a google search “Buy acoustic guitars” voila, your hits would drastically go up for I would more or less buy my guitar from one of the top 10 google search stores. Now, I amnt selling guitars here. I just want to see if my knowledge of Google page ranking is enough for me to see if my site. would be the first site generated with a google search for “sumanth

1) Have as many back-links as possible. One way of getting easy back links is to write tons of comments in good sites (Ones with really nice page ranks) so that your url is displayed there. You can pay someone to put up your url on their site or write really really cool articles, which is worthy enough to be referred by say digg or someother site or the easiest way, you can just simply have backlinks to your own site like this Someone said, self help is the best help πŸ˜‰

2) No one listens to bullshit, not even a machine. Remember finally, at the end of it, google search is done by a machine that in layman terms looks a bunch of sites, sees if anyone refers to you and then checks if the content is similar to what is there on your site. Now, since I am looking for only sumanth. I need to ensure that there are as many instances of sumanth as possible in my web-site. Ofcourse, its only sumanth (content) that matters !!

3) But, now let me think, Google guys are obviously smarter than you and me ( atleast they think so.. ). So, they would have written some sort of an anomaly check that would detect if there are too many backlinks all of a sudden to a particular site. Something like rising to fame all of sudden is too bad.. So, take it one page-rank at a time. Dont just go start writing 1000s of comments all of a sudden. If you are lucky you might even be kicked out of the google world itself πŸ˜‰ red-flagged I mean.

4) It always feels better to be praised well by someone who never praises anyone and is a little important, than someone who always praises someone or the other and is important. So, making sure that you have links from sites with medium level page-rank arnd 4 or so than a high page-rank website with too many outgoing links.

5) Take care of your own kids. Have more links pointing to your site than to some other site. Why? Simple enough, you want your links to have a high page rank. The more the links that go out, the lesser the page rank that your own links will receive.. duh ! You have to be a lil selfish to survive in this world. However, if you can be symbiotic, its always good. Thats why I always link mythalez πŸ˜› .

6) Now for some real techie stuff. This is something I read in Game Theory, a game called Prisoners’ Dilemma. You should read wikipedia for that πŸ˜€ and it seems rama’s group in Southampton came up with this way of making some of the agents suffer so that the other agents can win !! Simply put, out of the 10 pages you have, you can increase the page ranks of some of the pages, reducing the page ranks of others by having a large number of links from them to these “favored” pages.

7) Now, noone wants to read a complicated book. The same holds true for a machine as well. No complicated frames, re-directs, dynamic pages, javascripts, this that and all. Keep it simple with basic html and if possible have a robot.txt or whatever the link above asks you to do so that googlebot sees u immediately.

Thats it. You should be in the top of google searches hopefully. I am bored and dont want to write anymore about this. Where am I now? I am the 5th in the google search for “sumanth”, which is good considering the fact that there is a telugu actor by the same name. {Not too famous, I wouldnt bother too much about him though.. }

Latest News of My life {Just to keep a tab}

I got into Adobe Advanced Labs. I would be doing my summer internship from June 15th there. I am moving to Silicon Valley in summer. We were chased by girls in a car on our way back from West cliff a week back (I shud blog that..). Ani got into Google (I am going to get lotsa inside info about googles’ algos n all) and SUN n yeah I am damn jealous abt it πŸ˜› I had amazing biryani the last 2 days. I am just back from Indian Organisation party where we had samosas and watched an amazing dance performance. I got contacts and that too for free, thanks to my health insurance. My salsa and guitar classes start from next week. Am just waiting for it. Next in the buy list : Shades and Car ! I’m loving it here !!


Lifes good..

March 5, 2007

Probably the first time I am blogging when I am drunk.. after a nice walk, dancing with the girl I love, amazin food tht shes cooking rt now, which I am waiting for.. just cant ask for anything else in life.. I am soooooo happy. I rmr telling amyn in the morning watching one of the most beautiful sunrises that I have ever seen my whole life that life has been perfect. Its just been picture perfect, am all happy and content in life. Touch Wood. I hate getting personal on blogspace but this just had to be blogged. Wud I want anything in my life to be changed? no nothing that I can think of right now.. that statement exactly echoes how I feel abt my life right now. Thanks a bunch to everyone ! πŸ™‚


Let the Geek-O-Mania prevail ;).

January 15, 2007

Geek is indeed a really tough term to define.. Wikipedia defines a geek is an individual who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge and imagination, usually electronic or virtual in nature, which I guess is somewhere close to what I think wud be an apt description of a geek.. Now, for some of the geekiest things my friends and me have been part of…

1) I have this really sweett friend of mine who wudnt survive I guess without working for a single day.. On the way to India, she has a 4 hr break at Chicago and happened to feel bored there.. She took her laptop and started coding at the airport terminal. She for sure totally deserves her Phd πŸ™‚


if( no work & time < 7) { lets go out and eat icecreams };
else if( time > 7) { go home .. cook dinner}
else finish work.

A note that an another friend left for me (almost like this.. ). Trust me, this is how the thought process of comp. programmers evolves over a period of time..

3) I just cant code without listening to songs.. not even a single line.. my brain somehow seems to cease working until a dose of my fave songs are pumped in. Thanks to that, I had to spend 3 hrs configuring my ubuntu system so that I could stream music.. installed both the windows and linux versions of firefox.. and after reading discussion forums and all, finally solved it and the sweett sound of music is back.. I have an ipod, and songs on my system, but still I had the obsessive urge to solve the problem of streaming songs.. if only, I could channel this towards my research.. (like thats going to happen eva !)

4) Ever played too much of age, quake or some game where u had to get totally involved, mortal kombat maybe… I have heard and personally seen dreams where I have a rocket launcher and am just jumping and strafing arnd launching ’em.. aww those were damn good moments. Choppers.. babes.. rockets.. all that I wanted. Ctrl – alt – del takes it one step furthur.. almost been there.. seen that πŸ˜‰ !

5) How many times have you used orkut/ yahoo messenger to message a friend who is in the same wing as yours or the same office. We indeed do live in an age where we communicate using these darned comps and are indeed all geeks thanks to that. I am done with my dosage of my idiot box for today.. lemme see if my friends are free.. dont worry, I am going to give ’em a call, not that its any different..

All your base are belong to us
P.S : Confession.. I am a comp geek ! But glady I do have a life also !!

Read the rest of this story at phdcomics. Its hilarious. Jorge Cham, the author of Phdcomics is coming to UCSC on Friday.. yaayy !


In love..

December 20, 2006

An evanescent thought, a fleeting moment of indiscretion and voila .. like the morning dew that descends on the grass, you have descended right into my heart of hearts. Of all the special things that have come and gone, the moment I held you in my arms I realised that I would love you for eternity.. Ofcourse, I am going to dump you for a mac powerbook once I start earning πŸ˜› . Till then, love you tons n tons !!

P.S : Now, I can download movies and hope that I get deported

P.S 2 : I feel so geeky after writing this. Ofcourse I just love my lappie .. have been waiting for stime for this.

P.S 3 : Lappie before the vegas trip reminds me of something totally different.

P.S 4 : I have a post that I have half written on geeks a couple of weeks back. Need to wrap that up sometime..

P.S 5 : I know now why people write PSs in their blogs !!


Viva Las Vegas

December 16, 2006

The most eventful week of this year ( this week .. Dec 11 – Dec 16):

1)Β  Funding Confirmed. Fees waived plus stipend of $800 / month.

2) Christmas @ Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.

3) Inspiron 6400, upgraded.. On its way from Dell.

4) …

5) Did something I hadnt the courage to do for an year. (Secret)

6) My body clock seems to be following Indian Standard Time.

7) Got sloshed big time thrice. U have no idea !

8) Started my intern apping work. Well, all for the $s

9) I finished reading Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Was a good read.

10) Saw the most beautiful sunset near the ocean on a long walk.

11) Tandoori Chicken with friends after a long time. It was bliss.

12) Now, Craving for pancakes, sausages and hot choclate… my breakfast for tomm.

    Its like arnd 2:30 AM California Time πŸ˜‰ and I wanted to write only the first 3 initially. This post kinda made me write ’em all !

    P.S : [Edit] For people like those who have sent me IMs, my prof isnt funding the Vegas trip. I get to go to Brazil if I write a paper by April !!