World’s best joke

August 4, 2007

This is supposed to be the best joke in the world 🙂 Lets see if this will make u smile.. I sure did

Bentine: I just came in and found him lying on the carpet there
Sellers: Oh, is he dead?
Bentine: I think so
Sellers: Hadn’t you better make sure?
Bentine: Alright. Just a minute
Sound of two gun shots
Bentine: He’s dead.

Source : World’s best joke



  1. no comments … !!

  2. 😐

  3. just like harry potter.. good but way too overhyped

  4. cant see why it is best joke ever :-s

  5. Thoo!

  6. hmm … hehe

  7. bleh

  8. errr… eeehhh.. huh. hmmmm… hahaha!

  9. yucky !

  10. all blame falls on you for spoiling an ‘ok’ joke.

  11. the search for the world’s best PJ would be a more worthier cause for an IIITian 😀

  12. PJ! 😐

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