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The pic tht says it all ;) !

July 22, 2007

Unlimited DVDs

July 19, 2007

Unlimited DVDs at just 17 bucks a month. Well this is how it works with netflix . At any time I can order 3 movies and then I mail them back one, they send me one in the queue the next day! I just love the brilliant idea that netflix has come up with. This seems to remind me of the magazine thing that they have in or desi apartments in India. Finally, they are catching upp here 😉

I got my subscription started yesterday and Full Metal Alchemist ,Rocky Balboa, Casino Royale, all movies that I have seen, are on the way. I love the movie recommendations that they give. I ended up recommending 132 movies so that they could finally fine tune what I love and now they are recommending the best stuff – 300, Departed, Animatrix, Godfather, GoodFellas.. Just cant wait to watch atleast 50 movies before summer!

P.S : I just watched Hyd Blues 1 & 2 back to back and its darn gud! I can sooo relate to hb1 !!! Kyaa potti hai bhai !

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Adobe CS3 Easter Egg

July 9, 2007

Found in Adobe InDesign CS3 on Mac OS X .. rofl 🙂 ..

Adobe CS3 Easter Egg

An apple computer suggesting Windows when someone types in Linux on the spell check! Hilariouss !!!