My Abode @ Adobe

June 26, 2007

This blog and its contents are the personal observations and opinions of the author. They do not represent the views of Adobe or anything/anyone remotely related to the company except me ;)!

My office @ adobe

My first intern day here and was amazed at the fact the I have my own office space here at Silicon valley, and that too so close to the downtown where office space seems to be so scarce. I promised myself that very day that I would take snaps, post it on the blog and sing eulogies on Adobe. I love working here, especially the free photo shop and other creative tools that come in so handy! The experience so far has been good, with me not budging one inch out away from my office space, cafeteria and the kitchen {which has loads of free stuff}. I have been driving to office daily taking the freeway driving at 75 miles per hr, still following the decision to not take work home, watching scrubs for the umpteenth time.. I so look forward to laughing at the people who told me that corporate life sucks.. its all trash, trust me its fun if you are at the right place.. okie.. 6 ‘O clock and I don’t have to work anymore.. so me leaving and yeah, adobe owns this piece of trash that I have written and the pic as well, thats why the logo!

P.S : Thanks ani for the fuji finepix .. am loving it! 😀

@ Any HR from adobe reading this : Adobe is one of the best companies to work for !!! I am looking for a convert.. Hire me.. Hire me



  1. free photo-shop!! sigh …

  2. cool .. now u can create the wallpaper i asked for 😛

  3. not 2 mention so may other things i want! 😛

  4. hey!!! nice to c somebody else also has teh same opinion … im having a gala time here .training going on & so no work …. life really rox hehe ..

  5. @Kunal : Lotsa other free things.. might blog later!
    @ rama : Good things dont come easy.. wait till I buy one!
    @ Karan : Even I want lots more.. greedy me!
    @ saaketh : life rox

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