May 20, 2007

I know its a really really random title and so is this post going to be. I was just browsing arnd, with no particular intent whatsoever, came across this psyops and this thought why not just write some random thoughts. There seem to be more and more people blogging nowadays. Maybe smr can someday have a digg kinda thing on the blogroll as well, so that I dont have to sift through all the blogs before I find the good ones ! Digg is one really cooll site which I seem to be having a look at pretty much daily. Well, actually gmail and digg are kinda regulars in my browser, which makes me wonder what the usual sites that people look at are, I mean on a 20-30 visits a day basis. Tht should be an interesting survey. I guess it would already have been done. I sometimes wish I wasnt sitting before my stupid comp and traveling around. Journalist types, yeah kinda a travel one. Well, Europe would probably be my first destination. Heard that its beautiful.

Me again! :D

Makes me wonder how u always want things u dont have or havent experienced before. I guess thats human nature to think like that. Which reminds me, my to-do list is so long now that it dreads me to even have a look at it. Well, I guess I just have break it down and wrap it up one step at a time.. I somehow seem to miss IIIT every time I read a nice blog on the school, which again brings me back to where I started. Well, must go on a different thought path. I saw Shrek 3 yesterday. Somehow, I seem to watching movies on the first day itself even here as well. Still rmr going to watch a movie on the day before my Pattern Recognition end terms. My research is going on okay and I have finally decided kinda what I wud be working on at Adobe. I should start seriously looking for a house and car. I rented a pontiac today, drove arnd SC for sometime and am waiting now for ani to send me the pics so that I can upload them.. {Edit: Just did that} Lifes good, no qualms whatsoever. Any-who I guess I am done ranting for today.. Might blog on something serious next time.. naah, whom am I kiddding 😉 .. I just seem to love Gangster songs, especially Tuhi meri shabh hai.. Adios.


P.S : I just realised that I kinda have been writing blog posts only on weekends of late!!



  1. Wat v visit on a regular basis? well, gmail, yahoomail, indiatimes, cricinfo and f crse.. blogroll!

  2. not red dude .. get black .. black cars rock 😛

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