Spiderman 3 – Review

May 6, 2007

[How long can any man fight the darkness… before he finds it in himself?]

The tag line says it all. Spiderman is all happy and leads a perfect life, a life watching the stars with Mary Jane, topping the class and so on. Then, enter Topher Grace, {You might rmr the cute next-door boy in Thats 70s Show who gets picked on and bullyed by everyone}. He ends up spoiling the balance that spidy had struck. Now, enter Venom, New Goblin and Sandman, we have a movie which has more villians. much more than we can chew.

All in all, Spiderman 3 is a decent movie, a little different from the previous two. A bad ass superhero, subtle one-liners, James Franco and Topher Grace end up as the saving grace. Kristen Dunst is as usual there just for the beauty part, more or less for the run-of-the-mill romantic moments with Topher?? [:D] Naah 😉 Who cares, she kinda is the Jackie of Thats 70s Show .. The CG part especially the Sandman part is decent, while the rest of the CG is too much clutter with too many things happening at the same time. The story-line goes haywire in the middle, with Venom’s introduction and powers not described clearly, probably due to lack of time. One of the perils of having too many villains, resulting in improper character establishment.

However, given the craze and the 300 million $ that has been spent on the movie and the fact that in Santa Cruz Regal, it had 11 shows on the first day, I’m pretty sure that Sony would earn back what they invested. However, its not like everyone can pull a Terminator, both ways. Dont over-expect .. Just go there for some fun !!!


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  1. Topher Grace sounds more like a girl’s name :p

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