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Increasing Google Page Rank

April 22, 2007

First, let me answer the why part. Now, lets imagine you own a website that sells acoustic guitars. If your site is the first site that is generated by a google search “Buy acoustic guitars” voila, your hits would drastically go up for I would more or less buy my guitar from one of the top 10 google search stores. Now, I amnt selling guitars here. I just want to see if my knowledge of Google page ranking is enough for me to see if my site. would be the first site generated with a google search for “sumanth

1) Have as many back-links as possible. One way of getting easy back links is to write tons of comments in good sites (Ones with really nice page ranks) so that your url is displayed there. You can pay someone to put up your url on their site or write really really cool articles, which is worthy enough to be referred by say digg or someother site or the easiest way, you can just simply have backlinks to your own site like this Someone said, self help is the best help 😉

2) No one listens to bullshit, not even a machine. Remember finally, at the end of it, google search is done by a machine that in layman terms looks a bunch of sites, sees if anyone refers to you and then checks if the content is similar to what is there on your site. Now, since I am looking for only sumanth. I need to ensure that there are as many instances of sumanth as possible in my web-site. Ofcourse, its only sumanth (content) that matters !!

3) But, now let me think, Google guys are obviously smarter than you and me ( atleast they think so.. ). So, they would have written some sort of an anomaly check that would detect if there are too many backlinks all of a sudden to a particular site. Something like rising to fame all of sudden is too bad.. So, take it one page-rank at a time. Dont just go start writing 1000s of comments all of a sudden. If you are lucky you might even be kicked out of the google world itself 😉 red-flagged I mean.

4) It always feels better to be praised well by someone who never praises anyone and is a little important, than someone who always praises someone or the other and is important. So, making sure that you have links from sites with medium level page-rank arnd 4 or so than a high page-rank website with too many outgoing links.

5) Take care of your own kids. Have more links pointing to your site than to some other site. Why? Simple enough, you want your links to have a high page rank. The more the links that go out, the lesser the page rank that your own links will receive.. duh ! You have to be a lil selfish to survive in this world. However, if you can be symbiotic, its always good. Thats why I always link mythalez 😛 .

6) Now for some real techie stuff. This is something I read in Game Theory, a game called Prisoners’ Dilemma. You should read wikipedia for that 😀 and it seems rama’s group in Southampton came up with this way of making some of the agents suffer so that the other agents can win !! Simply put, out of the 10 pages you have, you can increase the page ranks of some of the pages, reducing the page ranks of others by having a large number of links from them to these “favored” pages.

7) Now, noone wants to read a complicated book. The same holds true for a machine as well. No complicated frames, re-directs, dynamic pages, javascripts, this that and all. Keep it simple with basic html and if possible have a robot.txt or whatever the link above asks you to do so that googlebot sees u immediately.

Thats it. You should be in the top of google searches hopefully. I am bored and dont want to write anymore about this. Where am I now? I am the 5th in the google search for “sumanth”, which is good considering the fact that there is a telugu actor by the same name. {Not too famous, I wouldnt bother too much about him though.. }

Latest News of My life {Just to keep a tab}

I got into Adobe Advanced Labs. I would be doing my summer internship from June 15th there. I am moving to Silicon Valley in summer. We were chased by girls in a car on our way back from West cliff a week back (I shud blog that..). Ani got into Google (I am going to get lotsa inside info about googles’ algos n all) and SUN n yeah I am damn jealous abt it 😛 I had amazing biryani the last 2 days. I am just back from Indian Organisation party where we had samosas and watched an amazing dance performance. I got contacts and that too for free, thanks to my health insurance. My salsa and guitar classes start from next week. Am just waiting for it. Next in the buy list : Shades and Car ! I’m loving it here !!