Straight Talk

March 13, 2007

[Copy paste from an amazing blog 😀 ]

So over the weekend me and a male colleague of mine decided to go shopping. “What and Why?” you question with a raised eyebrow. Brace yourself – you aint the first person to question the activity. Another friend of ours raised similar questions too with the “Aren’t both of you confirmed heterosexuals” look. So I did what any sensible man facing such a question in this century would do – post on my blog abt it.

I think the society is strangely skewed in its choice of activities the sexes are allowed to do together. Every time I hit the malls, I see tons of women who come to shop by themselves. Two women, all dressed up, giggly, trying out different clothes and asking each other questions like “too short?”, “too low?” “does my stomach show?”. Perfectly fine. No one questions them and their motives. Now imagine two guys doing that. Imagine me walking into a store with my male friend and trying out a shirt and asking him “too tight?” “will this go with green?” Yeah!! You can’t imagine that – can you?

So let me spell it out again – two fully dressed men in an attempt to dress themselves further will appear queer in our society but (yes, the quintessential but) boxing – that is just fine. Seriously. The act of two almost naked men, wearing nothing but literally boxing shorts, touching each other while sweating is perceived to be an act of oozing machoness but the thought of the same two guys buying shirts together is strange!!!! The same holds true for working out. Two buddies pumping those heavy weights in the gym is completely fine – where one man in his sweaty T shirt standing right above his buddy’s face, helping him do bench press is fine – but the same two men if seen in a classy restaurant, eating dinner together in formals, will be questioned. Oh yes, that brings me to restaurants. Isn’t it strange that we draw the line across some special kind of restaurants – two men having burgers in a fast food restaurant is cool (coz they are buddies grabbing a quick snack) but if they go to a sushi bar by themselves then it is not (coz then people think that they are just buddies try to grab each other while they snack).

Which is why I love Indian men. Coz we all know that Indian men hate it more than anybody else to have their sexuality questioned. At the same time most acts Indian men (or Indian men I bump into) do together are … err … quite questionable – going for Friday night movies together, always having their arms around each other while taking photographs, going to the sea beach all by themselves and then running into the water and splashing each other??? Sounds familiar? Yes, these are some of our favorite bonding moments. But we never come across as questionable because Indian men follow the rule of the jungle – whatever you do, DO IT IN HERDS!! Yes, Indian men flock in large quantities. Coz we know that two men hugging and taking photographs is queer but twelve of them doing it is just plain old weird and we are fine with weird!! This is the same reason why you can safely go to any night club in areas with high desi population and see a dozen Indian men dancing together and still not question their sexuality. Pretty neat, heh?

Society and its biases – I will never understand 😦



  1. Nice post, however, i guess that most of these points u mentioned do not apply to Indians. In India, people do not think openly of homo as yet…

  2. Sumanth, here is the source – http://no-url-left.blogspot.com/2007/03/straight-talk.html

  3. so how u behavin there??? 😛

  4. Funny! 😀

  5. Hahaha. This is very amusing and true.

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