Cric fever !

March 7, 2007

You know that the world cup fever is catching up when one in every third blog you read is about cricket, when most of the links forwarded are about cricket stats or ads. We are planning to watch cricket at a friends’ place. Going to buy a $200 deal to watch cricket matches online. And hopefully, India would get into the semis, then we would for sure rent a projector and watch it with vodka shots. Getting drunk at 6 AM in the morning and watching Sachin blast his way through the opposition, sounds like fun. I am like so looking forward to this. Planning on putting a night out, come back home, watch cricket, then sleep for stime and then wake up and watch cricket again !!! 😀

P.S : Sachin is GOD.

P.S2 : The red dot in the pic is my fave place (West Cliff) and yeah, its the pacific ocean and u can dangle ur feet and the water hits ’em !! { Never been there in the daytime, and except on 2 occasions, the umpteen times have always been when high !! 😉 }

P.S3 : Nothing like watching cricket at OBH. Lucky dogs !

West Cliff



  1. You are making me jealous… Just seeing this google-map image is making me envious ….

  2. Seriously maan.. the way u r describin it.. sounds awesome!

  3. Cricket in OBH is much more than awesome!!
    I remember the indo-pak semi in 2002 when TV room (the current mess on ground floor) was swarmed with ppl and due to some electric fault the fans werent working. It rocked to the limits amidst all the hootings, obscenities and excitement.

  4. Srsly,Sachin z d best..”And hopefully, India would get into the semis”.Hey,y just semis,India will win d wc.

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