… But don’t YOU go anywhere.

February 12, 2007

[Title inspired by a ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ strip !]

Santa Cruz – Fave Places

1) West Cliff – Santa Cruz beach. Its a rule for us over here, everytime we get sloshed, we have to go to that place. Actually, I have never been at that place sober. Have seen stars, ships ( both werent there, was just the effect of vodka) … got totally drenched by the salty ocean waves, heavy rains, 15 people going there @ 4 in the night, drunk driving, sipping hot choclate .. it has all happened at that place. Tons of fond memories 🙂 and for the first time am going to see it not drunk this weekend, hopefully. (This dint happen.. I got totally sloshed and I HAVE to write abt this weekend’s bash !!)

2) E2 – Kitchen : A table, tea and people sitting arnd, talking abt the most rand things you can come across in the world, ranging from ‘Who has to go with whom in the trips’ to ‘The amazing drunken reveleries ;)’ .. thats the place where you can get all the gossip of the desi junta at santa cruz. Pssst psst… we even have a google group and we mail the grp when we want to have tea. When @ school, it happens for an hr atleast every 2 hrs !!

3) Bay & Nobel : The amazing food, people and conversations. Every week, someday or the other, free amazing food at my buds’ place. It made my stay there comfy till I moved into my new place, Rigg St. which slowly is turning out to my home chweeettt home. It feels really good when you have people who you get along with soo weell arnd. Touch wood !

………..And, dinners at bay area every friday, hopefully raquet ball every week, the amazing trips we have been to (esp Rum Jungle, Las Vegas .. Avalon, San Jose) the wharf where I spent my new years’ morning, dennys which have amazing pancakes which I am sooo craving for now.. and last but not least 301 😉 where I have my stupid comp and the work that I have to do.. kinda finishes the list for now..

IIIT-Fave Places (A copy paste from my prev blog !)

1) Ambulance : Thats where the iiit’s ambulance is kept.. Lots of great talks and lots of fun over there. Antakshari.. Pizzas.. what not :D.. hmm.. my fave place. Always brings a smile on my face just thinking abt that place. Hehe.. I know..

2) 119, NBH : Actually.. this is something I miss more than anything else. sometimes makes me feel that I shud have stayed bak there.. emo.. but I guess that is one place that changed my whole life.. the way I thought abt everything in life.. everything.. good for me? dunno,.. time only will tell.

3) Masala/ Temptations : that wud be the third one.. always believed that if i had to go to masala that would be on a special day coz every moment over there has been really really special.. I have probably had the best times of my life there. what else can beat friends, chicken and wonderful icecreams.. I will buy that place when i have enough cash :D.. but it isnt there any more.. so i guess cant do anything..

4)Bru/Subway : Once again thanks to tejo for introducing me to that place.. nothing can beat the subs at subway.. i just love that place.. and the french fries at the bru are the best. I still rmr the good times i had over there.. (Arrgghh.. this shud have been my most fave place.. maybe.. hadnt it been for one ) emo..

5)Next would be the place opposite library, the room where we studied in the main building, eat street (I had to edit this part.. I have had amazing times at this place and had to add this !)

Well.. that takes care of 1/6 “incomplete blogs” that are in the pipeline. Darrrnn.. I shud be less lazyy.



  1. coudnt agree more on the stairs opp library and the stage.. we’ve spent many nights ova thr already 🙂
    even the coffee shop’s a hot spot!

  2. Seriously the place in front of the library and the stage rock… And coffee shop too and one place which karan hasn’t mentioned is the smokers/lovers point where i have spent much time but neither smoking and nor with someone i loved…

  3. u and ur beach descriptions !!! [-(

  4. u and ur bitch descriptions ..

    oops, typo 😀

    dont blame me, blame the Brazil Song 😀

  5. @ Karan, Himank : Yeepp.. those were also damn good places in IIIT

    @ mythalez, playboi : Me, myself and my beach ! 😀

  6. this is the time to write blog & update ppl [:P] & after all these stupid posts u choose NOW of all the times to halt blogging … grrrrrrrrrr hehe

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