Let the Geek-O-Mania prevail ;).

January 15, 2007

Geek is indeed a really tough term to define.. Wikipedia defines a geek is an individual who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge and imagination, usually electronic or virtual in nature, which I guess is somewhere close to what I think wud be an apt description of a geek.. Now, for some of the geekiest things my friends and me have been part of…

1) I have this really sweett friend of mine who wudnt survive I guess without working for a single day.. On the way to India, she has a 4 hr break at Chicago and happened to feel bored there.. She took her laptop and started coding at the airport terminal. She for sure totally deserves her Phd 🙂


if( no work & time < 7) { lets go out and eat icecreams };
else if( time > 7) { go home .. cook dinner}
else finish work.

A note that an another friend left for me (almost like this.. ). Trust me, this is how the thought process of comp. programmers evolves over a period of time..

3) I just cant code without listening to songs.. not even a single line.. my brain somehow seems to cease working until a dose of my fave songs are pumped in. Thanks to that, I had to spend 3 hrs configuring my ubuntu system so that I could stream music.. installed both the windows and linux versions of firefox.. and after reading discussion forums and all, finally solved it and the sweett sound of music is back.. I have an ipod, and songs on my system, but still I had the obsessive urge to solve the problem of streaming songs.. if only, I could channel this towards my research.. (like thats going to happen eva !)

4) Ever played too much of age, quake or some game where u had to get totally involved, mortal kombat maybe… I have heard and personally seen dreams where I have a rocket launcher and am just jumping and strafing arnd launching ’em.. aww those were damn good moments. Choppers.. babes.. rockets.. all that I wanted. Ctrl – alt – del takes it one step furthur.. almost been there.. seen that 😉 !

5) How many times have you used orkut/ yahoo messenger to message a friend who is in the same wing as yours or the same office. We indeed do live in an age where we communicate using these darned comps and are indeed all geeks thanks to that. I am done with my dosage of my idiot box for today.. lemme see if my friends are free.. dont worry, I am going to give ’em a call, not that its any different..

All your base are belong to us
P.S : Confession.. I am a comp geek ! But glady I do have a life also !!

Read the rest of this story at phdcomics. Its hilarious. Jorge Cham, the author of Phdcomics is coming to UCSC on Friday.. yaayy !



  1. the gaming thing has happened a lots of times… 🙂 and the comic is rofl ….

  2. for the gal in 1) -> ^:)^
    5) is so very true!! i even im the guy in the room next 2 mine !

  3. […] a short vacation . To sum up what i did in hols here is a small pseudo code Sumanth sir’s post has encouraged me to write this code […]

  4. u are gonna meet john cham !!!! whoaaa nice 😉

  5. rephrase PS line : “a geek and I love to work even without deadlines. But I am not a workaholic” ….. LOL

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