In love..

December 20, 2006

An evanescent thought, a fleeting moment of indiscretion and voila .. like the morning dew that descends on the grass, you have descended right into my heart of hearts. Of all the special things that have come and gone, the moment I held you in my arms I realised that I would love you for eternity.. Ofcourse, I am going to dump you for a mac powerbook once I start earning 😛 . Till then, love you tons n tons !!

P.S : Now, I can download movies and hope that I get deported

P.S 2 : I feel so geeky after writing this. Ofcourse I just love my lappie .. have been waiting for stime for this.

P.S 3 : Lappie before the vegas trip reminds me of something totally different.

P.S 4 : I have a post that I have half written on geeks a couple of weeks back. Need to wrap that up sometime..

P.S 5 : I know now why people write PSs in their blogs !!



  1. Any form of lappie roxs.
    Why do U hope to get deported???

    PS’s are okey but they lose their meaning if PS’s occupy more space than the actual post.

    And yeah waiting for Ur nxt post. Let the Geek-O-Mania prevail ;).

  2. okay ..hehe ..you had me scared with the love funda thing ..honestly thought of somethign else 😛

  3. @ ashwin : Yeah.. any kinda lappie rocks ! Shud get one !! 😀

    @ abbulu : That was the whole idea !

  4. ford seattle

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