Viva Las Vegas

December 16, 2006

The most eventful week of this year ( this week .. Dec 11 – Dec 16):

1)  Funding Confirmed. Fees waived plus stipend of $800 / month.

2) Christmas @ Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.

3) Inspiron 6400, upgraded.. On its way from Dell.

4) …

5) Did something I hadnt the courage to do for an year. (Secret)

6) My body clock seems to be following Indian Standard Time.

7) Got sloshed big time thrice. U have no idea !

8) Started my intern apping work. Well, all for the $s

9) I finished reading Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Was a good read.

10) Saw the most beautiful sunset near the ocean on a long walk.

11) Tandoori Chicken with friends after a long time. It was bliss.

12) Now, Craving for pancakes, sausages and hot choclate… my breakfast for tomm.

    Its like arnd 2:30 AM California Time 😉 and I wanted to write only the first 3 initially. This post kinda made me write ’em all !

    P.S : [Edit] For people like those who have sent me IMs, my prof isnt funding the Vegas trip. I get to go to Brazil if I write a paper by April !!



    1. happy vacation … to us both 😀

    2. thanx buddy… for the link 😀

    3. bitch, cant u wait?

    4. @mythalez : As borat says ‘Happy Time :D’

      @karanmaroo : 🙂

      @Some One : 😀 We can go again ! I dont think I’ll get bored of vegas !!

    5. I would rather be interested in that dirty-little secret of yours 😀

    6. Is Las Vegas a nice place to live? I heard Green Valley, Henderson and Summerlin are nice places to possibly?My friend live in Vegas and said the prices after a 5 yr. rise will fall about 6-8 percent in the next 2 yrs.Like they say it's all about the timing.Please commet back with some insight on Las Vegas.

    7. U done with ctrlaldel???

      U can try http://www.nuklearpower.com/daily.php?date=010302

      Its gud but the characters are 8-bit ;). The name of the comics is 8-bit theatre. Sort of parody of quests etc etc.

    8. @vivek : Dirty secrets will have be secrets for some more time 😀

      @Jimmy : I have no idea.. but its a wonderful place though.

      @ashwin : Yeah done with it.. but, dint like the nuklearpower one !

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