December 14, 2006

i want to blog ..
but i do not have the time
i havent tried to slog
so maybe i shudnt whine?

I was asked to write a post
but I had no ideas with me
So I asked my friend mythalez
as he was so bored and free

so, though he said he wont,
he started typing something
it turned out to be this stupid poem
which I have posted and which you will sing

Copyrights : mythalez

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  1. empty mind leads to incoherent ramblings 🙂

  2. he he he he .. i will do something like this too. His “poems” are wastage of usefull bits/bytes/bauds and not to mentions, pixels.

  3. 🙂

  4. mythalez is a vestige of the virulent vice vanguarding and vauchsafing visitation of a by gone vexations.
    (Wont make sense, I have just crammed the V-dialogue here like he does :D)

  5. I am singing it already 😛 ..btw welcome to the poet’s world

  6. @kunal, playboi, vivek : LOL .. Empty mind is indeed a devil’s workshop. And rama’s devil loves playing with words !

    @ abbulu : Hehe.. Its rama’s work. U shud read it clearly !

  7. wats all this bull shit,
    you god damn Brit [:P]
    may b u thought it wuld b a hit,
    but, i am sure ppl r gonna hit,
    if not, on ur face, they directly spit [:P]

  8. lol.

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