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Smart Kid

December 21, 2006

He can answer the capitals of most of the places in the world, speak basic Tamil, Spanish n ofcourse English. Madhava, from Sunnyvale, California is sooo damnn cute ! 😀 I dont think most of the amru kids wud know the pledge of allegiance at this age. Hope he kicks asss in future ! Check out the rest of his videos on youtube


In love..

December 20, 2006

An evanescent thought, a fleeting moment of indiscretion and voila .. like the morning dew that descends on the grass, you have descended right into my heart of hearts. Of all the special things that have come and gone, the moment I held you in my arms I realised that I would love you for eternity.. Ofcourse, I am going to dump you for a mac powerbook once I start earning 😛 . Till then, love you tons n tons !!

P.S : Now, I can download movies and hope that I get deported

P.S 2 : I feel so geeky after writing this. Ofcourse I just love my lappie .. have been waiting for stime for this.

P.S 3 : Lappie before the vegas trip reminds me of something totally different.

P.S 4 : I have a post that I have half written on geeks a couple of weeks back. Need to wrap that up sometime..

P.S 5 : I know now why people write PSs in their blogs !!


Viva Las Vegas

December 16, 2006

The most eventful week of this year ( this week .. Dec 11 – Dec 16):

1)  Funding Confirmed. Fees waived plus stipend of $800 / month.

2) Christmas @ Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.

3) Inspiron 6400, upgraded.. On its way from Dell.

4) …

5) Did something I hadnt the courage to do for an year. (Secret)

6) My body clock seems to be following Indian Standard Time.

7) Got sloshed big time thrice. U have no idea !

8) Started my intern apping work. Well, all for the $s

9) I finished reading Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Was a good read.

10) Saw the most beautiful sunset near the ocean on a long walk.

11) Tandoori Chicken with friends after a long time. It was bliss.

12) Now, Craving for pancakes, sausages and hot choclate… my breakfast for tomm.

    Its like arnd 2:30 AM California Time 😉 and I wanted to write only the first 3 initially. This post kinda made me write ’em all !

    P.S : [Edit] For people like those who have sent me IMs, my prof isnt funding the Vegas trip. I get to go to Brazil if I write a paper by April !!



    December 14, 2006

    i want to blog ..
    but i do not have the time
    i havent tried to slog
    so maybe i shudnt whine?

    I was asked to write a post
    but I had no ideas with me
    So I asked my friend mythalez
    as he was so bored and free

    so, though he said he wont,
    he started typing something
    it turned out to be this stupid poem
    which I have posted and which you will sing

    Copyrights : mythalez

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