Casino Royale : Review

November 18, 2006

[No Spoilers whatsoever ] Rating :

I saw the fans’ show at 12 in the midnight. ‘Golden Eye’ was the first bond movie I watched when I was a kid, and have been a huge fan since, thanks to my dad, who has all the dvds at home.

Casino Royale will probably be the biggest surprise of the year and manages to be the ‘best hand’. MGM has probably taken a huge gamble with this Bond flick and it sure has paid off. Its a movie worth watching for the successful reinvention of Bond. It strips away the high tech gadgetry to focus more on the plot and action packed sequences. Mind you, there is no Q in this movie and except for the a first aid kit in his car, Bond doesnt have any high-tech ‘pen bombs’, ‘remote controlled invisible cars’ and so on, which have become so cliched over the past decade or so in the bond movies, aptly made fun of in Austin Powers.

The title sequence is one of the highlights of all Bond movies and this one is no different. The bond introduction in black and white, where he makes his first kill and earns the 00 status, and the title sequence made me have goose bumps. This reboot potrays Bond in a more Agent-XXX look, than the stylish, elegant Bond that we have got so used to. When asked if he wants the martini Shaken or stirred? He replies with a “Does it look like I give a damn?” … Daniel Craig, matches this role to a T with his one-liners, with the best one being the one with Eva Green (I dont want to spoil the fun by quoting it here )

This movie perhaps falls into the same genre as Bourne, with intrigue, suspense being the core elements of the movie. Be in for tons of surprises and get ready for the spin of your life with very good plotline interweaved by action packed sequences (without any CGI in them ), mind blowing cars, Eva Green at her best and a high stakes Poker game. This bond movie made from the first ever Ian Fleming book is flat-out one of the best Bond movies ever, in tune with the times it has been shot in. A mug of popcorn, a large coke and a badass bond totally were worth my $20 ! 😀

[I dont want to write more and end up giving spoilers. Just go watch the movie !!]



  1. thanx 4 the review, will go n watch it now 🙂

  2. I now have a reason to come to california. To kill U. That would be my first kill towards becomign a OO.

    Freaking (*&^%(&^#%*^)(*%#(*&^%#)*&^$#%)*&^%)#^)^%# Hyd. Released in 10-15 theatres and not one has it in english.

    Will wait for english version. Till then U wont see me on yahoo ;).

  3. And yeah.

    The old Q died in 1999 after the filming of The world is not enough. He was not expected to live for more than 2 years when the movie was being shot. Thats the reason why a new Q was introduced in that movie and was given the name R.

    The R became Q in Die Another Day. The reason why Q wasnt involved in this movie was as the character of Q wasnt introduced till like the 4rth book in the series and this movie is based on the first book.

  4. Crap Crap Crap.

    Forgot to mention that he died of A car accident rather than of old age as was expected.

  5. hey man, nice review and im definitely waiting for the english version to pop into the theatres…

    maybe its deja vu but parts in the review sounded exactly like one another review on rollingstone.


  6. that apart, do agree james had gone into an abyss of rotting into a narcisstic pit of impossible gadgets. this one definitely is redeeming to the core.

  7. @ Karanmaroo : Thanks a lot !

    @ cheddi : I know all that you have written. Thanks anyways for the info. And I just am back from Prestige. Gonna write the review.

    @ kopos : Well.. it isnt similar really. But, I guess this is more or less what everyone who has seen the movie wud have felt ! So, I guess there wud be tons of issues similar. Ofcourse, I’m glad that they have finally moved out of the “impossible gadgets” !

  8. @ Cheddi : And crap crap @ the telugu bond movie in Hyd. I read that at some place and wasnt sure 😀 Glad I am here.

  9. hey summu..the telugu version sux big time..he spoiled all the one-liners and that was my bad luck that i had to watch it in telugu. And there were some senti dialogues of bond…naalo anuvanunu nuvve..that were unbearable in the movie..

    But ofcourse it has its fun part ley..that were very very funny..but on the whole the movie sux in telugu..
    waiting for the english version to be released :-w

  10. Hehehehehe.

    Gud thing I waited.

    And BTW the movie Dhoom2 is gud.
    Ash is hot and if U decide to turn gay Hrithik too.
    Uday chopra is funny and Abhishek seemed to be a side character. Bipasha seemed to be there just for flesh in the 2nd half.

    Might watch it again today and if I dont get he tickets mayb I will finally find some company for “The Departed”

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