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Trrringg.. Trrrinnngg..

October 16, 2006

Well.. I got a motorazr v3 (the same as the one in the pic) – Black 😉 thanks to a damn good deal from amazon and cingular !!

This is my first cell and itssss so cuuttee n small.. Juss love it ! Ofcourse do read the reviews !

My # 831.332.1037



October 8, 2006

hitch (hch)
Informal. A free ride obtained along a road.

One beautiful Sunday morning, sweet music flowing through my ears, the zephyr gently caressing me, as if swaying to the tune of the sweet music, I thus wait for my bus.. I look at the deserted road and it almost feels like it would be eternity before I would be able reach my destination. I thus, wait for something to happen spending seconds as though they were days all together. As if if were an answer to my prayers, like a lightning bolt, a car whizzes past me, stops and the damsel driving the car says something to me. All these happen in a matter of moments, sending gentle shivers down my spine.. I am too spellbound by her beauty to even comprehend what she has said. I finally come back to my senses, realise that she is offering me a ride and then mutter something incoherent, get into the car and then she starts a conversation. It all feels like bliss to me, as if my wildest dreams had come true. We start talking.. she wants to go jogging now, she loves India.. this that. Finally as a rude shock to my wildest dream come true, I reach my darned destination, with me ruefully wishing that time would come to a standstill.. this journey with this sweet girl, Katie wud always remain etched in my heart 😉 !