100% a Slug !

September 30, 2006

[Status : On a mac machine and probably having the best time of my life !! ]

Well.. I just love SLUGS. Do you know what we UC Students are called? Do you want to know what our emblem is? Tree? No.. Dolphins? No.. we are slugs, banana slugs !


I dont really know the history of that, but you might probably want to check wikipedia. It sure has tons of info. I just am in love with my life and so just cant help but rant about it ( I dont know why.. but I end up writing everything in points)

Now for some pics of my campus

Its B E A U T I F U L right !

1) Movie : Pulp fiction. John Travolta wears black throughout the movie except some scenes where he wears this shirt. Just makes me feel soo good. Ofcourse, I am a big fan of John Travolta and Quentin Tarantino. Ofcourse, I own a similar shirt !

2) I am finally at a place, finally where guys are a minority.. Yeah you heard me right MINORITY ! 56% girls to 44% guys. So, I guess the odds are finally good. Now thats more the reason why I should get started on the ‘Praising Girls’ blog entry ! 😀

3) I ended up getting sloshed like a week straight.. when there is free booze, a beach and an awessommee climate, tons of parties, you just cant expect anything else.

5) I sure am waiting for the rains !

These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall
This is the wonder of devotion – I seek the torch we all must hold.
This is the mystery of the quotient – Upon us all a little rain must fall.

I dont know why Led Zep wrote this, but I am for sure waiting for the rain ! Seems First Rain (Again, refer to wikipedia) is a sight to watch !

Edit : FYI, It rained yesterday !

8) Theres a beach on one side and valleys on the other side ( I just cant resist raving abt it !) The campus is sooo beautiful and biggg, in the middle of a once redwood forest.. Do check out the pics at the end !!

13) My lab has sensors which have motion detectors (I guess) and they automatically switch off the lights in the regions where there is no motion. Juss love that stuff when I walk through the long corridors, the lights get switched on one by one.

21) And yeah, I might be majoring in Game Designing. Seems the game industry is bigger than hollywood (I should write a blog on this next) .. Maybe. Lets see.

34) Finally for the academically inclined, Ira Pohl is a UCSC prof. Well Huffman was here, who else.. lots actually.. will update when I rmr.

Well, there are tons of other reasons as well. But I would sure recommend a visit to California for everyone who hasnt yet. It is the one of the most beautiful and happening places in the world. Its the place !



  1. dont u say anything against dolphins being a mascot [-x .. (they r the mascot my univ :D) .. so is ur college fest if any called ‘slug fest?’ ;))

  2. @ Rama : Dont you dare mock the slugs.

    Sammy the Slug — a banana slug is the mascot of UC Santa Cruz. Sammy was named Reader’s Digest best college mascot for 2004. What say? 😀

  3. fuck u man … i want to come there too :((

  4. im heading up there this fall, next month actually. being a slug is going kick ass!

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