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100% a Slug !

September 30, 2006

[Status : On a mac machine and probably having the best time of my life !! ]

Well.. I just love SLUGS. Do you know what we UC Students are called? Do you want to know what our emblem is? Tree? No.. Dolphins? No.. we are slugs, banana slugs !


I dont really know the history of that, but you might probably want to check wikipedia. It sure has tons of info. I just am in love with my life and so just cant help but rant about it ( I dont know why.. but I end up writing everything in points)

Now for some pics of my campus

Its B E A U T I F U L right !

1) Movie : Pulp fiction. John Travolta wears black throughout the movie except some scenes where he wears this shirt. Just makes me feel soo good. Ofcourse, I am a big fan of John Travolta and Quentin Tarantino. Ofcourse, I own a similar shirt !

2) I am finally at a place, finally where guys are a minority.. Yeah you heard me right MINORITY ! 56% girls to 44% guys. So, I guess the odds are finally good. Now thats more the reason why I should get started on the ‘Praising Girls’ blog entry ! 😀

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10 Reasons why you should never talk to girls.

September 12, 2006

[ This is a post I wrote a while back in my prev blog and I jusss lovedd it !!]


Ending at the end.. duh.

1) They need all the attention in the world. You should make them feel as though they are the only people that really matter to your lives. You just have to listen to each and every word that they say, each and every fight they have with others, everything.. You just have to hear to tons and tons of gossip. Just a big waste of time. If that was a guy-friend of yours, you can spend the time better on beer. D or maybe go out for a movie or some place nice.

2) They are over-possesive. They always expect that they are the first people to hear the news, good, bad or whatever. Its just that they want to be the FIRST. “Why did you tell her abt that? I had to hear abt that thing from her. You could have told me about it when we met sometime back. Why didn’t you tell me?” Did you ever hear a guy ask the same things? Oh my God !! Take a break.. I just dint think that it was important. I just dint rmr. come on.

3) They expect tons and tons of gifts. “Today is rose day. where are my roses? Today is card day, where are my cards? You forgot about this day? We met on this day 2 years back.. We decided then that we would go out on this day every year. How could you forget about it. Why didnt you wish my sister on her birthday?” There are like 365 days in an year and on some fateful years 366, you just cant expect us to remember what each day is and what happened on this day? And if you are that concerned about it, a reminder wouldnt hurt. Whereas, guys would just say “I want to go out tomm. Let us go for a movie.”

4) They are never frank. It wouldnt really hurt to come straight to the point instead of just beating round the bush. If you want to go out all that girls should do is ask “Shall we go out today? Are you free?”.. instead they are like.. “There is a wonderful movie at this place wonderful” and they keep on raving about it until you just say “Ok fine !! Let us go tomm.” and then surprises of surprises, they dont agree immediately but instead are like “Wait let me see if I am free.. ” (After a 2 mins break) “Ok.. I guess we can go” .. You can never expect a straight forward answer to the Q.. Is everything fine? phewwww !!

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The Curious Incident of Orkut in the Night Time

September 9, 2006

It was 7 minutes after midnight. My laptop was lying on the couch in the living room of my house. I opened Mozilla Firefox and then had a look at orkut. Orkut is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. I entered my login and password and got a page asking me to link my gmail account to orkut account. I just could not login how hard I typed.

My name is Kolar Sumanth Iyer. I know all the blogs in IIIT and their authors (thanks to blogroll) and every room number in Old Boys Hostel till 335.

Four years ago, when I first met venki, he introduced me to Orkut.

He first showed me this picture

and I knew that it meant ‘happy’, like when I’m reading about the new Apple releases, (I plan to buy a laptop) or when I am still awake at three or four in the morning and I can walk up and down the street and pretend that I am the only person in the whole world.

Then he showed me this picture Sad

and I knew that it meant ‘Sad’, which I felt when there was no icecream in the coffee shop or worse still if the coffee shop itself was closed

Then he showed me some other pictures

but I was unable to say what they meant. That is how I got introduced to orkut. These are some of the reasons why I hate orkut

2) Its blue in color. Poison is blue in colour and I dont like poison.

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