Stupid Acts @ IIIT

August 29, 2006

Stinks !
I just loved this blog, Being Five which is a collection of comic strips abt a kid who blogs using the voice recogntion system. Thanks to Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger for introducing me to Being Five. Totally reminds me of Calvin and this just made me feel that its time I registered an another blog and here it is.

So, wht do I begin with? Probably, I will narrate some really stupid acts of mine @ IIIT

1) @6:30 AM, 7th sem, Insomniac (no work at all) and so am really really restless longing for some sleep. Am really really happy to see that even cheddi is awake. So, this is what we do, I take a blanket, wear it like a cape, then go start waking up people and bug them like crazy. I am glad cheddi was with me, else people wud have kicked me black and blue.

2) Now this is where cheddi kicks me. 8th sem this time.. I dont know what came over me. Must have been the extra scoops of icecream that I had that day. (Well.. u get special ones at Eat Street) I start enacting all the cartoon characters right from Spiderman to X-Men on the road leading to OBH. And also try a couple of special tricks ( to be read as kicking, jumping) on cheddi. Now, I manage to piss the coolest guy of IIIT and he catches hold of me, throws me onto the ground and starts kicking me. I turn to Booty who was with us then for some help ( I thought this Krishna would help me like that Krishna helped Draupadi .. hehe) and am shocked to see that booty is clapping, laughing and cheering cheddi to kick me more.. was a really really sad day 😦

3) 1st sem. Prathiba award ceremony. We are on our way and I managed to doze off in the bus. Well all my friends got down and then I realise that the bus has started. Dutt starts shouting come on .. get down sumanth.. get down sumanth.. and I dont know wht came over me, I jumped off the bus.. broke a bone. Thanks to su.. and thanks to this incident, we came to realise that su’s dad and my dad were classmates during their MBBS. Well this must have brought Somani into lotsa ppl’s minds.. he just jumped out of a MMTS..

4) Well I’ve been advised by someone that I amnt supposed to write her name in my blog. :-SS Not advised actually warned. Ofcourse it is a girl. Well I wanted to just see how a girls’ face looked like with icecream all over it.. ( Dont ask me why.. I dont know ! ) so I picked up the open icecream pack and hit her with that.. I missed ( I aint Jonty Rhodes.. dont blame me) I hit her head instead.. Thank God , I missed by only a little, there was really fat lady close by ! Well alls well that ends well.. I’m still waiting for the retal, which I am sure I’ll get some day.. 😛

5) 3rd sem.. I lose my keys. Sometime in the afty. Rakesh wants to go out.. So, I am in my shorts and a dirty dirty Tee. We go to 36 Jubliee Hills… and then Archies. I bought an orange ball, juss loved it.. On our way back, I start playing with that .. and sanki is like ‘U are dead if zulu sees u like this’ .. and voila there he is right in front of us.. I was really really embrassed for some time and dint know what to do.. I dint do anything also. Well I wud rate this as my third most embrassing moment.. the top ones being when I sang in front of a whole class of girls (In my tenth class) and when I went to Pizza hut with 3 girls twice in my 8th sem (different sets n I was the only guy.. I know I am stupid !)

6) Well I dont know where Shahrukh got the idea to skate on the knees (Main Hoon Na), I did it in my 3rd sem.. NBH.. It was a long corridor .. and i just felt like doing it and I did it.. It felt really really good.. felt as though I was flying the air.. I hit the wall.. and then came back to my senses.. Result : A torn 1200/- Mufti pant (which I really adored) , and an aching head !

7) Now the best for the last, 7th sem.. Chilli Peppers order.. We decided that it was a day of feasting. me n cheddi ordered something that probably 4 ppl could have had. Now I start eating.. eating.. and eating for almost 1 hr. Well. I do look skinny, but I can be pretty gluttonous at times. Now, enter manohar (The Satan of IIIT, why? U’ll know.. ) he says ‘Is that all for you? I dont think you’ll be able to finish it’ and I am pissed off, and I retort with a ‘That’s right! ‘Cause I’m a Sumanth ! And this is what we do! I mean we may not be great thinkers or world leaders, we don’t read a lot or run very fast, but damnit! We can eat chicken!’ ( Friends’ fans wud understand this better.. Joey says this in some episode ) and then i eat and eat and eat.. and puke and puke and puke the whole night.. ofcourse in manohar’s wing’s bathroom .. end of story ! Revenge is indeed a dish best served when cold.

Disclaimer:- Some of the events may be exaggerated to make the episode more enjoyable ;) . I amnt as stupid as projected !

P.S : I had so much fun @ IIIT.. so much that Tejo used to call me ‘Stupendous man’ (to be read as Calvin, though Tejo wud beg to differ) .. I wud really miss that !

Pranav asked me to elaborate this incident.. So, I am going to edit this part/ actually re-write it..

8) So, MS admissions applications time. We decide its time we started spamming US Profs mailbox. So, me and Rama (he wasnt extinct then, Rama says ‘Hes too busy to write a comment to this post.. *Sigh *Sigh Researcher !’) write a long mail highlighting everything I am good at (came to arnd 4-5 lines :P) and started mailing them. After an extensive Google search, we zeroed in on 6 Profs and they were our targets for the day. So, copy paste.. copy paste.. we shot six mails. Maybe, the profs there have no work, they were replying to my mails almost immediately.. or it was Rama’s poetic writing skills that captivated them.. So, ‘I got a mail’ this time from Prof. Hai Tao and that was my third mail for that day.. So, I wanted to kinda let Rama know abt it .. so I forwarded it to him and wrote ‘Three down.. three to go ! Keeping my fingers crossed !’ and then I realised that it was R that I had pressed and not F. Then, I sent him a really apology letter twice (thanks to the really slow students account for that) and thank God, I got a really cool reply. Thats when I started liking him. So, after a couple of mails (one before and one after admission into UCSC), he finally agreed to supervise my MS at UC. Makes me thinks sometimes that if you are stupid and lucky, you can even rule the world !

I’ll always remember the kid in me (Copyrights for this quote: Pranav )



  1. that was good!

  2. good one 😀

  3. :)) … inkaa emi raaastaaav ?? :p

  4. @ karanmaroo and utkarsh : Thanks for the comment.
    @ Raks : Am planning on actively blogging @ US.. Lets see !

  5. Finally revealing Ur stupidity to the world.
    Was fun here with ya.
    Have fun there.

  6. And O yeah for the numerous fans.
    Im cheddi.

  7. welll….. it was rib ticklin comedy… esp d ice cream 1… n d puke 1… i hav heard ppll who mostly puke when they r over drunk…

  8. if d girl name.. or atleat her photo was published it wat hav b really kool … that wud actually prove d guts … sumanth has…

  9. @ cheddi : My next post is going to be on you !
    @ Hari : I am afraid of that girl. She’ll hit me hard if I do that 😦

  10. well will she come at u… even to US…. 😉 ur leavin 2morro rite… so… ask some courage from her for lease… n post her pic…

  11. =D> … good strt 🙂

  12. @ cheddi : My next post is going to be on you !

    Oh! dear. Now I have to learn cracking to stop U frm doin that.

  13. Nice post … :)) . By the way who are u ??

  14. @Maruti Borker : Thanks. I’m Sumanth, UG 2k2 ! 🙂

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