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Stupid Acts @ IIIT

August 29, 2006

Stinks !
I just loved this blog, Being Five which is a collection of comic strips abt a kid who blogs using the voice recogntion system. Thanks to Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger for introducing me to Being Five. Totally reminds me of Calvin and this just made me feel that its time I registered an another blog and here it is.

So, wht do I begin with? Probably, I will narrate some really stupid acts of mine @ IIIT

1) @6:30 AM, 7th sem, Insomniac (no work at all) and so am really really restless longing for some sleep. Am really really happy to see that even cheddi is awake. So, this is what we do, I take a blanket, wear it like a cape, then go start waking up people and bug them like crazy. I am glad cheddi was with me, else people wud have kicked me black and blue.

2) Now this is where cheddi kicks me. 8th sem this time.. I dont know what came over me. Must have been the extra scoops of icecream that I had that day. (Well.. u get special ones at Eat Street) I start enacting all the cartoon characters right from Spiderman to X-Men on the road leading to OBH. And also try a couple of special tricks ( to be read as kicking, jumping) on cheddi. Now, I manage to piss the coolest guy of IIIT and he catches hold of me, throws me onto the ground and starts kicking me. I turn to Booty who was with us then for some help ( I thought this Krishna would help me like that Krishna helped Draupadi .. hehe) and am shocked to see that booty is clapping, laughing and cheering cheddi to kick me more.. was a really really sad day 😦

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